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Did you know that only 27% of the STEM workforce is made up of Women? Consider giving to support #GirlsinStem and 


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On your way to your goals roadblocks may show up and become overwhelming. When that happenes remember to focus on what you can control!.🖱💜.

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JULY 2022

July is social wellness month! This month is an opportunity to look at our relationships and evaluate how we are giving and receiving support!

   Social interactions, both in terms of quality and quantity, can have a short and long-term influence on our emotional, mental, and even physical well-being! Studies have shown that those with a solid social group to lean on tend to live longer and respond better to stress, which results in healthier cardiovascular and endocrine functioning. Strong bonds can even boost our immune system and our ability to fight off  infectious diseases.
     Having a support system has great benefits for us, not only because we receive support, but also because it provides an opportunity for us to create genuine connections. Keeping regular contact with friends and coworkers, spending quality time with loved ones, joining interest-based clubs or classes, volunteering, and participating in community events are some simple and fun ways to create and maintain the social bonds that provide so many benefits to us.



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